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Intl House of Time Inc Warranty Coverage & Service:

Time for Whole Sale Warranty Coverage & Service:

Time for Whole Sale understands that when a consumer is buying a high dollar luxury item, the last thing they want to worry about is service issues. With Time for Whole Sale, this is a non-issue. With every purchase we issue a full warranty covering every component of your watch. From the band to the movement, our warranty is "Buckle to Buckle". Our Perfect Condition Pre-Owned Watches will come with a Full One Year Warranty, while our Unused Models will come with a Full Two Coverage Period. You will have the option to buy extended coverage for a second year or third year. This must be done at the time of purchase for an added $295. The said Warranties are exclusively through Intl House of Time Inc and our team of expert watchmakers and master jewelers. These said warranties are null and void in any case of extreme lack of care, product abuse and neglect. This also includes any level of water damage. Beyond the warranty period, Intl House of Time Inc offers service and upgrades at industry cost price.

Some of the services and upgrades offered by our in house watchmakers and jewelers:

  • Full Overhaul
  • Full Calibration & Timing
  • Full Polish
  • Dial and/or Bezel upgrades
  • High Polish Finish of Entire Watch
  • Setting of Diamond-Work on lugs or band
  • Replacement of Parts (Only Original Manufacturer's Parts Used)
  • Below, we have listed, our three main forms of Payment Acceptance methods, each with brief descriptions and instructions.