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Embark on Your Next Adventure with Rolex Sophistication

Whether you’re scaling the mountaintop, exploring the depths of the seas, or attending a gala where sophistication is required, a Rolex watch can provide you with accurate time, the right date, and a statement of style on your wrist that is recognized around the world. When Alfred Davis Hans Wilsdorf founded Rolex in 1905, they were focused on quality, accuracy, and branding that would become synonymous with achievement and success. Their innovations and vision changed the face of time and introduced many new features which made the wristwatch an exciting new alternative to other timepieces. By introducing waterproof watches, automatic date changes, waterproof cases, and multiple time zones displayed on the face, Rolex became the leader in the watch-making industry. Their chronometer certification was the first time a watchmaker had earned this prestigious award.

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