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Payment Methods

Time for Whole Sale Credit Card Payments-Via Paypal:

Time for Whole Sale uses PayPal to process the majority of its transactions. PayPal is one of the safest and secure credit card payment processors in the world. We want to put our customer's minds at ease and ensure them that their personal and payment information is 100% secure. This is why we use Paypal almost exclusively. PayPal does not pass on your information to any third parties; even Time for Whole Sale has only limited access to your contact information, for order processing communication only.

When placing an order through PayPal you must create a PayPal user account using a current email address. The benefit here, is that you can log onto your account at any time, from when your order is placed, so that you can check shipping status and any other, up to the minute, order status information.

When placing an order, click on the PayPal tab below the specific item. Your browser will automatically transfer you to PayPal's page for the watch in question. If you have used PayPal in the past and have an account you can simply sign in on the right hand side and correct any address or payment information. If you are new to PayPal, please begin on the top left side, filling in all your information. PayPal will require you to create a PayPal account using a current email address and an eight digit password. From there, you simply need to input your billing and shipping information. Once all the correct information is entered, just follow along with the instructions provided by Paypal.

Due to high dollar amounts being processed, PayPal makes use of certain outlets of Fraud Prevention. Your information entered must be perfectly consistent with what your credit card company has on file. This includes all names, addresses, and specific billing information.

PayPal requires that you enter in a contact phone number along with your billing address. This phone number may be used by PayPal to contact you shortly after your order is placed, in order to confirm your purchase. It is important that the phone number which you enter in is a number where you can be reached within a few hours from when you're purchased was made. Your mobile/cell phone number would be the best option.

If your desired shipping address is different than the billing address which you have on file with your credit card company, you must first update this information with them so that what they have on file matches perfectly with what you enter into PayPal. When calling your credit card company, you must indicate that you wish to add an approved "Alternate Shipping address". You can enter this alternate shipping information on the second page of the PayPal ordering system. Simply click on the "Add New Address" dropdown above the "place your order now" tab.

Time for Whole Sale Credit Card Orders via Faxed In Order Form:

(This order form can attained and printed out by clicking on the "Order by Fax/Bank Wire" Tab below each item)

Many of our customers want to buy their dream watch online, however, some are not as computer savvy as they would like to be, and many simply do not want to release their credit card info. online. For this reason we offer a very simple manner in which orders can be placed. Simply click on the "Order by Fax/Bank Wire" tab below the desired item and then choose "Fax Order Form". Once this is done, a specific order form for your item will come up. Simply print out this one page form, filling in your Name and Contact, Credit Card info, shipping and billing address. If the shipping and billing address is not the same, this must be confirmed with your credit card company, prior to placing the order. Once it is all filled out, simply make a clear copy of the front of your driver's license and credit card and fax back with the two page order form. The copy of your license and credit card is strictly for verification purposes and to ensure that there are no fraudulent orders processed. Your information is never printed out on physical paper and all info is deleted upon sale completion. Once your order is received and approved you will receive an email or fax confirmation. Please feel free to give us a call at 1-877-503-4055 with any questions or concerns about the fax/order form process.

Intl House of Time Inc Payment via Bank Wire Transfer-Most Simplified Method!

(The bank info can be obtained by clicking the Order by Fax/Bank Wire" tab by the specific item)

We accept payment by way of funds transferred via bank wire for the purchase of our watches. For this method of payment we bestow a further 2% Discount off of the Time for Whole Sale Price. Being that we are not incurring any credit card processsing fess, we simply pass the added savings over to our customers. Please click on the Order by Fax/Bank Wire tab below the item and choose the "Bank Wire Info" option. You can also contact us at 1-877-503-4055 for wiring instructions or with any questions in regards to this payment method. Please get in contact via our toll-free numbers or email sales@goldwatchco.com, so that while waiting for your bank wire to clear we have such information as your full name and delivery address in order to begin processing your order.

Please take your time browsing our products and all our other very informative pages. Please feel free to give us a call at 1-877-503-4055 or email us via sales@goldwatchco.com if you have any questions that remain unanswered.