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International Orders

Time for Whole Sale welcomes all International Orders. The Internet has always been a driving force for Global commerce. Here at Time for Whole Sale, we are dedicated to handle every International order with precision and excellence.  

International Callers:

United Kingdom:     00-1-877-503-4055

Hong Kong:              010-1-877-503-4055

Australia:                   011-1-877-503-4055

Germany:                   0-1-877-503-4055

France:                       0-1-877-503-4055

Spain:                         00-1-877-503-4055

Japan:                        1-877-503-4055


The main form of payment for International Orders is Bank Wire Funds-Transfer. There is an "Order by Fax/Bank Wire" tab next to each item. When this is clicked on, you will be prompted to choose between a Fax Order Form and Bank Wire Info. Once choosing the Bank Wire Info, a printable information page containing all necessary info will come up. This Form includes all specific information relating to the specific timepiece your viewing and the general Bank Wire info needed to place your order. Please email us at sales@goldwatco.com or call in to 1-877-503-4055 to confirm your intentions to purchase any specific watch. Together with a hold on a specific item, while waiting for your bank wire we need to have such information as your full name and delivery addres in order to begin processing your order.